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hic in the gym is unparalleled Cheap Adrian Clayborn Jersey , and he would be able to set an example for the rest of his teammates on defense.

With incredible strength, a full tank of stamina, and plenty of quickness, Triple H will always perform at a high level for his team. He would be one of the most consistent players on defense, and opposing wide receivers would fear going over the middle of the field, bracing for a crunching tackle from the “King of Kings.”

Tight ends and running backs wouldn’t be able to have their way with Triple H in coverage, and he would be one of the most effective blitzers as a 4-3 outside linebacker. A true three-way linebacker, Triple H would be able to bring every skill to the table for a defense.

The Carolina Panthers once drew heat for bringing bats to the field to intimidate Odell Beckham Jr., so imagine what would happen if Triple H brought out a sledgehammer to scare wide receivers.
Next: No. 18 The Animal
MLB: Batista

Triple H is joined by his fellow “Evolution” member at the linebacker position, and Batista might be an even more exciting player. Watching the former bodybuilder explode through the A-Gap to send a running back flying flat on his back would be something to behold. Although Batista is lacking in the quickness department when it comes to covering linebacker, he could frustrate tight ends and has enough range to make plays from sideline to sideline in the running game.

With Triple H wearing many hats as the “Cerebral Assassin” on defense, Bastisa would be a throwback to the old days of hard-hitting Cheap Vincent Valentine Jersey , smashmouth football. When this team lines up in three-man fronts, Triple H and Batista could team up at inside linebacker, forming a duo akin to the San Francisco 49ers semi-iconic pairing of Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman.

Batista wasn’t the most refined wrestler on the planet, but it’s hard to find a better brawler out there. As an added bonus, the team would get the rights to use I Walk Alone as their entrance music. It’s a coveted track, seeing as how you can’t get it on iTunes without buying a full album of WWE music. Yeah, that’s not the best deal.

But having Batista on your defense? That’s a great deal. Heck, he could even throw in a Batista Bomb on the quarterback when blitzing. A pro comparison for The Animal? Well, how about New England Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower?
Next: Outside Linebacker
OLB: Kurt Angle

Some may say that Kurt Angle would be an undersized outside linebacker at 6-0, but the man knows his leverages. Plus, nobody can question his toughness, because Cheap Trey Flowers Jersey , you know, he won a gold medal with a “broken freakin’ neck.” Angle would play through the pain, producing an iron man streak that would surpass Joe Thomas‘s current streak. Maybe.

The Pittsburgh native would bring a nasty edge to this team’s run defense, and like Triple H, he has the ability to make an impact in every phase of the game at the linebacker position. He’s an even headier player and technician than Triple H, and he’s just as capable as The Game of getting into the opposition’s head with some pointed trash talk.

Angle’s power, charisma, and technique made him one of the best and most beloved wrestlers on the talent. He’s easy to work with, and nobody is a faster learner. He’d be able to pick up any scheme on the fly, and there’s no doubt that he’s a coach’s dream. Heyman and Angle would probably work together to devise coverage schemes that will keep opposing quarterbacks and offensive coordinators up all night.
Next: Free Safety
FS: Randy Orton

Orton is one of the smoothest performers in the history of the WWE, and there’s a reason why The Legend Killer is an eight-time WWE Champion and four-time World Heavyweight Champion. The Apex Predator is quick, agile Cheap Tom Brady Jersey , and incredibly aware of everything around him. He makes moves that take a high degree of strength and athleticism look easy, almost to the point where he seems disinterested. He’s like the Dimitar Berbatov of wrestlers.

All of those physical tools translate well to the free safety position. At 6-5, 250 pounds, Orton can make wide receivers think twice about hovering over the middle of the field. He has enough speed to hang with wide receivers on deep passes. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is one of the best free safeties in the NFL, and he ran a 4.58 forty coming out of Alabama.

The RKO is one of the most over finishers in the history of wrestling, and Orton’s ability to win matches on a single move can be seen in the NFL, too. He can win matches with a single interception, using his leaping ability to snare interceptions. Like Eric Berry and Landon Collins, he can make things happen with the ball in his hands after he secures an interception, putting up valuable points for his team.

It’s easy to take someone like Orton for granted because of how good he is. Just when you forget about him, he can come in and steal the game away.
Next: Strong Safety
SS: Rob Van Dam

An icon with the ECW, WWE Cheap Tedy Bruschi Jersey , and TNA, Rob Van Dam would be the perfect strong safety for this team. His high-flying moves dazzled fans throughout his career, and he had a high degree of success wherever he went. In the early 2000s, RVD was red-hot, and he was arguably the best wrestler on the planet at the time.

Van Dam would be something of a John Lynch player in the secondary for this team. Like Lynch, RVD would clock running backs and receivers with monster hits, and he’d be a cerebral playmaker in the passing game. Lynch would call out plays and saw plays develop in his head before the ball was snapped. Van Dam exhibited the same type of presence of mind in the ring, so heR.
От: Thursday, May 17, 2018 1:01:34 AM
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