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How to Restoring And Maintaining curly wigs? Действия
От: Thursday, November 19, 2020 11:52:02 PM

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1.How to Restoring curly wigs?
What do you do when your lace wig won't curl?
The most feared thing about curly hair is frizz. As long as you pay attention to "from top to bottom" and blow your hair smoothly when blowing your cheap lace frontal closure, you can greatly reduce the frizziness.
Also, remember to blow your curly hair until it is completely dry. It is recommended to start blowing from the scalp After finishing, then layering and blowing, the curl will be more obvious and lasting; Use your fingers to curl the curl, cool it, and then remove it. When blowing your hair, be sure to use your fingers to curl the curl. Remember the direction of the curl that you originally burned and the direction that your fingers should go around. Just wind it out, don't change the direction, Also, it will destroy the structure of the curl! after winding it, wait for it to cool down before removing it, and then the curl will last longer.
Besides, the more 613 frontal and bundles strands when you wind it, the greater the curl. If you want the curl to be smaller and more pronounced, you can divide the curly human hair wig into smaller bundles and wind them together.

2.How to Maintaining Curly Wigs ?
When the cheap hair bundles are blown to 7 or 8 minutes dry, you can apply some special styling or hair care products for curly hair to make the curls more fluffy, while protecting the hair and smoothing the frizz! In addition to the basic hair oil, it is also recommended to use products such as mousse and curling milk to increase the elasticity of the curl!
Many people use a drying hood after curling their hair with their fingers. After drying the roots with a hairdryer, the hair is divided into bundles, wound and placed in the drying hood to dry. If you push up, the curl will be more obvious!

Tie the hair and plug the ears. These actions will cause the honey blonde highlight wig to deform. It is recommended that if you have a perm, do not tie the hair too often, or wash your hair the day after tying, and dry your hair well to restore the curls.
You don’t have to worry about buying a wig. A good wig is to choose from the hair quality and inner net craft. If you just need it and often wear a wig, please choose a wig from inner net craft and hair quality!

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От: Thursday, November 19, 2020 11:52:02 PM
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