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West Kiss Hair Three Types Of Curly Hair Wigs Действия
От: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 9:06:12 PM

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Whether you're new to the wig world or just looking for another one to add to your collection — let's take a look at some of the curly human hair wigs you can get from West Kiss Hair.

Curly Lace Front Wigs
In the past ten years, lace front wigs have become very popular. Many Hollywood stars and celebrities wear lace wigs on important occasions such as concerts or walks on the red carpet.

The curly human hair lace front wig has a soft and thin lace at the hairline. The size of the lace is generally 13 * 4 inches and 13 * 6 inches. There is also a 360° lace wraparound type, which can help you cover the entire head, especially when you want to tie a ponytail, 360° is definitely your best choice.

The hair tress is sewn on the lace, and it is difficult to detect the hairline of the wig. The entire wig is worn on the head as if it grows naturally on the scalp. It looks so natural that it is difficult to distinguish them from natural hair. And the wig before curling lace does not need special treatment like other types of wigs, you only need to wash and care for the wig like your own hair.

Curly Lace Closure Human Hair Wig
The curly closure wig is favored by more and more women, the main reason is that the wig is very convenient to use.

Curly lace closure wigs generally have lace sizes of 4*4 inches, 5*5 inches, and 6*6 inches. The wig is made of spring stitches.

The curly HD lace closure wig has a simple appearance, which can be divided into the side or in the middle. Either one can be perfectly integrated with your own hair. The lace closure can reduce obvious knots, which is time-saving and will not cause damage to the scalp A wig that hurts.

Curly Head Band Wig
The curly hair headband wig is made up of a headband and a wig. It is fixed in place with a headband and can be slid around the head to different positions. There are many styles of hairbands, which can satisfy everyone's preferences. The difference lies in the softness, width, and degree of separation of the hairband.

Curly hair headband wigs combine beautiful headbands and wigs to give you a chic and fashionable appearance. This wig is very convenient for novices. It is not necessary to use glue, pins, and other scalp-stimulating objects to fix the wig complicatedly during wearing. It can be said to be a life-saving straw for novices or busy days. And for bald people, it can also cover the larger hairline or other bald positions, so that the wearer has an as natural appearance as possible.

There are some things you should consider when buying wigs — should you get human hair, a lace front, U-part, or a half-wig, curly, wavy, or straight, a realistic wig or something funky and unique? It's all up to you on what you want to wear! Here are three kinds of curly hair wigs recommendations, please kindly read it.

At West Kiss, the happiness and satisfaction of the customers with our 100% human hair is always at the top of our policy list.
От: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 9:06:12 PM
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